• As summer winds down...

    I am SO0o thankful to my team and for the support of my clients and colleges for allowing me to unplug. Last week was the first time I have totally unplugged for more than a day since hiring my first employee nearly, 10 years ago. My spirit so0o desperately needed it! This time allowed me the quiet and space to reflect.

    As passionate business owners it is so easy to allow our businesses to consume our every waking (and sleeping) thought and breath.
    When you are doing something you love it is difficult to remember that even then, you need time away, to keep your spirit nourished for the long run
    After recovering from the mental, emotional and spiritual exhaustion and shedding the heavy weight of caring for a business (even if just for one week), I realize how much I truly love both of my businesses. How much I enjoy and appreciate my kick ass team, and value the support of my loyal clients and customers.
    It also shed light on how much unnecessary stress I put on myself. How much I do to please others without considering myself. It showed me the countless decisions I make based on "norms" or worse, fear of judgement.
    It helped me to realize how little I have valued myself and what "feels" good and right to ME, seeking everyone's validation and opinions has me misaligned and disconnected from myself and diluting my potential and that of my business.
    No matter how terrifying, I want my business to be a true expression of myself.
    I want to make decisions based on what is in alignment with my spirit, I want to make decisions that scare the hell out of me, ones that fill me with passion and love.
    It's not about about striving to be unique, or different or to make huge world changes, because that all involves comparison - which I HOPE from now on I am done with. It's just simply about putting myself out there and seeing what the universe does with it.

    As summer winds down, I hope you are all taking some time away, to unplug and nourish your spirits and remember what is important to you.

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