Once in a while, we all need to change things up, right? Sometimes it’s hot pink lipstick, a challenging yoga sequence, or maybe a whole new wardrobe to reflect more authentically the magic we already hold inside.

Beneath our invigorated, vibrant skin is the same wholesome, grassroots product made in small batches in Upstate New York, filled with only plant-based ingredients and pure love!

As we enter this exciting chapter, we seek to share our products as tools for intentional living. Through our monthly newsletters, weekly additions to the blog, and daily social media posts, we will share our philosophy of intentional cleaning and wellness practices. We will encourage moments of pause for deep breaths, self-love, laughter, and good, clean fun!

Each week, the blog will feature Tidy Thyme tips on how to wash away the physical and energetic muck; wellness stories in which we reach out to Tidy Thyme-ers around the country, including like-minded, grassroots businesses to share their stories and insight; and healthy recipes that will fill your belly and nourish your body. Here is the schedule of topics you can look forward to from our blog:

-Tidy Tip Tuesday by Nicole Foster 

-Wellness Wednesday with contributions by Michelle Boyle, Nicole Foster, and Cassandra Hickey

- One Big Tribe by Michelle Boyle (monthly, Friday)

- Sacred Sanctuary Sunday by Michelle Boyle

We want to be real. We understand that clutter, cobwebs, and sticky floors happen in the beautiful chaos of life. We’re here to support and inspire you through the overwhelming feelings that sometimes set in. Rather than approach dirty floors and dusty shelves with dread, we want to show you how to embrace the process and turn cleaning into a calming, dare we say meditative, activity. Our bodies and homes are sanctuaries and deserve to be treated with love and kindness. (And wine and candles.)

We don’t want the conversation to be one-sided, though! We are here to build a tribe. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered or have insight to share, let us know. We read every note and comment sent our way and welcome your thoughts. Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter (sign-up in the footer below) featuring roundups of blog posts and social media highlights! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and joining us on this beautiful journey! 

With gratitude,

The Tidy Thyme Family


Special Thanks to Caroline Corrigan and Phill Pascuzzo for helping bring our design visions to life. Jamel Mosely and Tess Palma-Martinez for creating these beautiful photographs, the Tidy Thyme team for putting in endless hours leading up to launch and of course all of YOU for your love and support! 

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