Here we are in August, getting into the late days of Summer here in the Northeast US. (Hey, Winter in Australia!) The loud buzzsaw cicadas are singing out in the heat, joining with little chirpy crickets and friends to make the distinctive August soundtrack. There are so many beautiful flowers around, let’s take a look at some!

(Ever wonder why we at Tidy Thyme spend so much of our time writing about butterflies and flowers and the like? Team Tidy Thyme is all about green living, indoor and out! Protecting our world and wildlife is so important to all of us, and the more familiar you are with the natural world, the more you will love it. The more you love it, the more invested in living harmoniously you will be. There are so many ways we can be a part of the world!)

Tidy Thyme loves Thistles

Thistles, ah how I love ye. (National flower of Scotland!) Yet I must pull ye before ye go to seed, else there be a sea of thistles everywhere. This is a pretty common phenomenon with plants – a lot of favorites will spread if you don’t catch them before they go to seed… plants want to grow! But then, thistle seeds are loved by goldfinches, so we weigh the choices... Tidy Thyme loves Woodland Sunflowers!

This charming Woodland Sunflower is a burst of joy at the edge of the woods.

Tidy Thyme loves Blue Vervain!

Blue Vervain is a lovely purple, with flowers that bloom first at the tip and then bloom row by row down the flowerhead.

Tidy Thyme loves Black Eyed Susans!

Blooming for you everywhere now, Black-Eyed Susans are a late summer favorite! So cheery!

Tidy Thyme loves late summer blooms

Joe Pye Weed, shown here with Boneset and Goldenrod, is exploding into these fuzzy mauvey pink tufts all over the place. Joe Pye Weed, or Eutrochium, is one of the Top Native Plants for Pollinators from our earlier blog post, just like Goldenrod. While I was taking pictures, a bumble bee was having a fine time on some Joe Pye blooms. (Pollinator plants work!)

Thank you for the flowers, August! Here’s to the Summer sun!
Be well, compadres.

The Tidy Thyme Crew

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