Welcome to November, dear birds! We're in deep fall now, here in Upstate New York. Winds and rain have blown away the super showy maple leaves, and a lot of bare branches now reach up to that blue, blue sky. But this beautiful autumn is still going strong - now the beech and oak and bronze and copper and brick are the focal points.

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home loves us some nature!

It's almost easier to take in the colors now, to appreciate each splash of hue now that there is space around it. The sun still lights up the frost-wet leaves into shining glisten, and the wind sets them a-sparkle. That sun is oh, so welcome, and a bright day is a great time to bundle up and go for a hike. Now that there are a lot of leaves down, I find myself using the trail markers more than usual as even familiar paths are a little more obscure.

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home loves us some nature!

One nice thing about the fallen leaves is that now the Witch Hazel flowers are even more visible, no longer hidden among their greenery. So these little charmers are just glowing cheerily in the understory for everyone to see. What sweet little friends!

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home loves Witch Hazel!

(Witch Hazel is one of the ingredients in our Yoga Mat Cleaner and our sanitizing-on-the-go spray Mommy on the Move! Plant-based power!)

The garden has endured a bit of snow and its first hard frost, which will just make the kale and collards even sweeter. I am so grateful for these hardy greens, which will last well into the snows and keep my body healthy into the dark months. I love that every year, my garden gets better and better as I learn more things and gain experience. Like this year, using the concept of succession planting, we have a Winter Lettuce Mix which has endured and so we can have garden fresh salad in November! Life is so rich, eh?

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning loves to eat from the fall garden!

November garden salad with homemade pickles from our cucumbers!

Seriously, though, as we enter the dark days of the year, and start to cocoon and get cozy inside, don't forget about the richness of outdoor living! Pull on your layers and get out into that crisp, fresh air. Enjoy the sensation of being in nature, even as the world grows more still and prepares for winter. We, too, will grow in our deep places as the winter approaches. Bypassing our fear of the cold and allowing ourselves the exhilaration of the outdoors, we connect our deep places to the larger world. And in these times, we all need connection.

Speaking of connection, too, we have our first installment of our Tidy Thyme Local Business Spotlight coming up on Friday, featuring an interview with Laurie Ten Eyck of Indian Ladder Farms!

Here's to rich living, dear birds.
Happy November!

the Tidy Thyme Crew


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