• Witch Hazel, Warm Sun, and Good Living

    The fall woods are so lovely. Beautifully, heart fillingly lovely. I’ve been seeing some gorgeous shots of especially amazing color in the Adirondacks and northern woods, like, say, this one reposted courtesy of fb/Andrew Koszuta:

    Tidy Thyme says Whoa Beautiful Foliage! Thanks ndru.virus!

    Wowza. A little further south in the Capital District of NY, the palette has burst into flame. The fiery red maples are in some incredible color, and the bronze copper gold yellows are all glowing in the fine autumn light. So beautiful, the clear, crisp air. It feels so good to be outside soaking up the warm sun in the chill air - well, it was chill, anyway. We have a brief visit to 80 degrees coming this week...

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based All Natural Home and Cleaning, loving the fall color!

    One note for good living, people – get outside. It's stunning out, and it's going to  be so warm this week. Get into the woods, if you can. Go Forest Bathing in beautiful fall color.  Even after it settles back into the regularly scheduled October chill, don’t let the cool weather banish you inside – just put on more clothing. You know you have it. Sweaters. Scarves. Hats. Maybe even gloves. Nothing too heavy yet, just cover up and get out there. Being in nature, or even just out in fresh air is so important. By living outside we connect with the seasons and allow ourselves the gift of feeling ourselves as a part of the natural world.

    Out of the woods and back into the gardens, most of the flowers have given up the ghost, but we've left the dead plants standing to help out pollinators and wildlife, as described in this great article on leaving your garden cleanup til the spring. There are the few bursts of floral cheer here and there - always a couple roses on the Rugosa,

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Natural Cleaning and Home loves some late roses!

    a few last Woodland Sunflowers,

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning loves the last blooms of the season

    and a small new flush of Birdsfoot Trefoil

     Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning loves to see charming bright Birdsfoot Trefoil in the fall!

     There is also a new face in the flowering trees – Witch Hazel.

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning uses Witch Hazel, shown flowering here.

    I saw these delightful yellow party streamers in the past couple weeks, all cute and charming. What cool flowers!

     Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Natural Cleaning and Home loves to see one of our ingredients, Witch Hazel, in bloom

    By the by, Witch Hazel extract happens to be one of the ingredients used in our all-natural plant-based Yoga Mat Cleaner and Mommy on the Move sanitizing spray! Powerful AND adorable, that Witch Hazel!


    Anyway, we’ve got a lot coming up on ye old blog here, starting with (finally!) our Green Maker/Mommy feature with Virginia Fretto of Razimus Jewelry, and then next week our Local Spotlight on Laurie Ten Eyck of Indian Ladder Farms. We’ve had such a good time spending time with these great women and learning about their businesses and passions.

    (I know it’s not talking about our awesome 100% Plant-Based home and cleaning products, which is what business websites do, right? But we love to collaborate with other local businesses and green makers and people who are doing great things. It is just fun for us – and we hope it's fun for you to discover these awesome folks along with us!)


    So stay tuned, and get meanwhile, thee out into the great outdoors. All these beautiful colors of magical forest straight into your retinas. This crisp air filling your lungs. This is good living, dear ones.


    All best!

    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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