Spring is here, dear birds! I know the grass is still mostly brown and the trees haven't leafed out yet, but the sun is warm, the air is getting mild, and (fingers crossed) the snow has melted away. Robins are everywhere! It's a great time to get down with a spring clean to refresh, revitalize and renew your home. (Click here if you missed our post on the ritual of spring cleaning!)

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home is so excited to see any and all signs of green as the spring comes in, like this maché that overwintered in the garden.

If you are having a real hard time shaking the early-spring blues, maybe some aromatherapy is in order - Tidy Thyme Signature Blend and Good Day Sunshine are among our mood-lifting favorites. And if you've been barricaded inside your house, cozy and warm and grumpily throwing perma-shade at the weather outside, we've reached the point where you just might want to get out from under the blanket or out of your snuggie and get yourself out of doors. We've got some lovely mild days coming, and a walk around the neighborhood might be the perfect antidote to a hunkered down winter. Start looking around, and watch the changes happening as spring starts to really work her magic.

The buds on the trees are starting to swell, the birds are chirping and warbling, the geese are flying north in their long Vs. There was a heron in the sky the other day. A few honeybees are buzzing around. If you are hankering to learn more about the signs of spring, check out this list of some offerings at local environmental educational centers. There's nothing like knowing what to be looking for and anticipating as you observe the seasons changing.

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home is excited for all signs of spring's arrival, like this little garlic mustard all green and cute (and tasty!)

And yes, yes, there will be rain. Rain is good, rain keeps us from droughts. Rain waters the plants and trees so they can erupt in glorious greenery. It's excited rain - spring rain, not the gloomy chilling rain of November. April showers bring May flowers and all that. So don't get too gloomed out when a rainy day or two shows up. Use it as an excuse for a reflective cup of tea and journaling, or to catch up with a friend at your favorite café. Or better yet, grab an umbrella and throw on your cute wellies and do some puddle jumping with a gleeful heart - because hey, it's not snow!

Here's to the glorious incoming spring!

With love from,
The Tidy Thyme Crew


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