• Catch the pollinator buzz!

    bumblebees love clover and Tidy Thyme loves bumblebees!

    Bumblebees love clover, and Tidy Thyme loves bumblebees!

    It's been in the news over the past few years that bee populations are in trouble. There are a lot of theories about why, including widespread use of pesticides and fungicides, but the good news is that you (yes, you!) can help pollinators. If you have a garden (or even if you don't yet!), you can grow plants that bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love.

    According to Fiddlehead Creek, a Native Plant Nursery located in Hartford, New York, the top ten native pollinator picks are:

    Native Plants for Pollinators

    Other great flowers and wildflowers include birdsfoot trefoil, comfrey, poppy, dandelion, foxglove, clovers (red and white), knapweed and angelica. There are so many beautiful plants that you can grow, in your garden, or in containers, or instead of grass in your lawn, that will bring joy and happiness to you as you see them buzzing with life. Fiddlehead Creek has a great list here. If you're buying plants, just make sure to get ones that are not treated with neonicotinoids, as these pesticides may be especially harmful to bees.

    Go forth and plant! Support your local ecosystem, and give the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds a reason to swing by and say hi.


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