• Deep breaths, darlings. The Pre-Spring Swing is on.

    Oh my. It has been quite the ride these past couple weeks in Upstate NY. Record setting highs in the 70s, then low low lows reminding us that winter is still very much here. It makes anticipation for spring even harder to deal with when February has dropped a few days of May weather on you.

     Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-based Cleaning and Home loves to watch the buds swell on the oak branches.

    But we cannot rush our dear Mother Nature, and more than likely we will have a few more weeks riding out the ups and downs before spring really feels like it has arrived. Process, dear birds, it is all a beautiful, magical process, by which the seemingly dead comes back into glorious green life. And it will not be rushed by us, no matter how much we long to break out the sandals and short sleeves.

     Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-based Cleaning and Home loves the experience of incoming Spring!

    So try to be here, be present, and appreciate these last weeks of winter that lay before us. Step outside on a clear night and relish that crisp rush of cold air on your skin as you take in the big sky of stars. That invigorating briskness will be gone soon, and while there is grace and ease in the sultry breezes awaiting us, the snap of chill brings an awakeness, an aliveness that warmer climes cannot touch. The bracing air brings us to our senses, a teacher telling us to wake up. What do you notice, when you are shocked awake? That the moon is low in the sky, or high and bright? That the wind rustles in the dry reeds or that the night is still and silent? Take a moment to notice the world around you.

     Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-based Cleaning and Home loves the sparkly beauty of these ice bubbles

    And know, too, that spring is coming, that you won't be lost in the cold forever, so take what joy you can watching the process unfold. Listen to the birds that come back to your neighborhood, watch the swelling of the buds on the end of branches. Let the longer days of sunlight delight your eyes and warm your face. Even though we aren't there yet, spring is inevitable. The seasons will turn. Pay attention and you can appreciate the particular flow that this year's turning takes.

    Wishing you all the best in these brightening days!

    With love from,
    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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