• Don't panic! It's only September!

    Well, friends, here we are in September. I know that’s a heavy month for a lot of people – panicked frenzy at the ending of summer, the hustle and bustle of the beginning of school, the dread of winter cold… fall gets heavy for some folks!

    But take a step back and catch a breath in that needless swirl of angst. September is so beautiful. We still have gorgeous days of warmth ahead of us, and lovely sun. Summer’s not quite done with us yet. Flowers are still blooming, and bees are still buzzing.

    Tidy Thyme loves native Rudbeckia!

    Take this charming native Rudbeckia (the tall little guys), from the same family as Black-Eyed Susans (the shorter guys with bigger flowers). Yesterday as I stood next to this patch, it was audibly buzzing with so many little honeybee chaps, going from flower to flower. There hadn’t been too much attention paid to these flowers initially, but now, buzz buzz buzz!

    Tidy Thyme loves late summer flower explosions!

    And the fields are explosions of late summer blooms, with the Goldenrod and Joe Pye Weed (Solidago and Eutrochium, respectively) still bringing dazzling gold and dusty rose to gardens and meadows. These two plants are certainly deserving of their spot on the list of Top Native Plants for Pollinators. When I visited these earlier today they were loaded with all sorts of bee friends (like the bumble below, on Purple Spotted Knapweed).

    Tidy Thyme loves to see bumble bees, here on Purple Spotted Knapweed

    So don’t worry yourself about time slipping away or the heat of summer having passed you by. We’ll have days yet of golden sun to raise your face to, blue skies, and great nights for sleeping as September unfolds and a glorious Autumn comes in. Soon enough it’ll be time for apple picking and pumpkin pies, but for now, we’ve got the sweet last days of a fabulous exiting summer to enjoy.

    Tidy Thyme loves the vibrant glow of Goldenrod!

    Be well, dear ones, and happiest of days to you.

    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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