• Get in the mood for spring with your local nature center!

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning is grateful for the spring sun showing its face!

    It is spring.
    The equinox has passed, the calendar says so. But it doesn't feel enough like spring. What to do, what to do? The crew at Tidy Thyme posted some thoughts about this in-between time here.

    One great way to get yourself in the mood for spring is to check out seasonal offerings at your local nature and environmental education centers. There are a lot of programs coming up that can help you learn to appreciate the process that is the greening and blooming of the world, expanding your understanding of this amazing biosphere we call home. They're a super way to make plans to get yourself out of your house and your early spring funk!

    If you live in the Capital District area of New York, we've rounded up a bunch of programs you can put on your calendar so you have some spring activities to look forward to:

    Make sure you check the websites to see any costs and if you need to register ahead of time. Not around the Capital District? Check out the events calendar of your local environmental education centers and see what offerings they have for you! If you're not sure what your locale offers, do a search for your town and "nature centers," "arboretums" or "environmental education centers." Also check out the events at nearby State Parks.

    Getting out and learning about all the different animals, plants, and birds of spring can make a huge impact on how we survive and thrive in this transition time. The more you know about our natural systems, the more you can appreciate and understand what is happening around you. You can open your eyes to the subtle transformations and know better what to look for as you hunt for clues that the season really is changing.

    From all of us at Tidy Thyme, we hope you have a great time exploring this amazing world we share.

    Green Spring Blessings!
    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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