• Good things from the garden

    Tidy Thyme is in love with September Sun in Goldenrod

    So yep, it’s definitely September. The cucumbers are about to give up the ghost. It’s been a great year for them, these beautiful Silver Slicer cukes that we’ve been feasting on and putting up as fridge pickles… I’ve definitely enjoyed their crisp refreshing crunch through the hot months.

    Tidy Thyme loves fresh cukes from the garden!

    But once the last cukes and watermelons have been harvested, we’ll be using the beds they’ve vacated to plant maché, a tasty little green that is a great cool weather crop. I love the idea of succession planting in a garden. It’s so amazing to keep the harvest going (and keep the freshest veggies in my belly!) for as long as possible.

    Of course, the swiss chard, kale, and collards are going strong and will for good long time - I've heard farmers say that kale is best after a frost has sweetened it up. And the crop of the Winter Lettuce Mix that we put in a few weeks ago is looking scrumptious.

    Tidy Thyme loves planting fall crops like lettuce!

    Yum. And, we've still got the okra churning out the goods, too! The beautiful flowers will keep turning into tasty, mucilaginous pods until the first frost. (Don't be scared of the slime! That mucilage is SO nice to your digestive tract!)

    Tidy Thyme loves okra from the garden!

    Also still going gangbusters are the summer squash plants. Check out the ants that are pollinating the squash blossom!

    Tidy Thyme loves Summer Squash and pollinating ants!

    The goji berries, meanwhile, are ripening into these scarlet jewels.

    Tidy Thyme loves Goji Berries! Go Antioxidants!

    It's all such good stuff. There really is nothing like eating fresh from your garden. Plus, when you use techniques like succession planting, you can extend the harvest even longer. Here’s to extending that season for as long as possible!

    Tasty eats and great health to you!

    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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