• Happy Spring! Let the Spring Cleaning begin!

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home welcomes the first day of Spring!

    Ah, it is here, the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of spring. I know it might not look it, depending on where you are (and how much snow you got last week), but the temperatures don't always line up with the official season start dates. Maybe that dampens your enthusiasm, but don't let it! The energy is turning, the days are getting longer, and the natural world is revving up for the big green celebration.

    This is a perfect time to start getting your Spring Cleaning organized - what better than a sparkling clean home to celebrate the season of renewal? Many cultures have a tradition of a deep cleaning this time of year - both the Iranians and Chinese would clean the home in preparation of the new year, the Chinese to remove any bad energy and invite in good luck, and the Iranians to refresh and reinvigorate life in preparation for the new season. There is also the traditional cleaning of Jewish homes before the Passover holidays to remove anything unclean from the home.

    In ye olden days, too, the winter was a forbidding time of challenges. Many homes were heated with wood or coal and used candles for lighting, so over the winter a lot of soot would accumulate. The household rugs, drapes and bedding wouldn't be cleaned until the warm temperatures of spring allowed the windows to be opened, with rugs beaten outside and fresh air flowing in. Even farther back, the straw and rushes used in homes as bedding-filler and floor coverings were replaced in spring after growing musty over the cold winter.

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Cleaning and Home can't wait to see the first green shoots of the season once the snow melts...

    We are so fortunate to be experiencing this modern life of many comforts and much ease, but there is still that itch to refresh and renew! The bright, warming sun staying with us for longer, the breezes that are losing their arctic chill, it seems entirely natural to want to bring the energy of a new season into our home by cleaning out the old. (Plus, okay, wanting to be able to see that bright sun through windows that are cleaned of the wintry grime.)

    And so let's do it! Make a plan on how you want to tackle this project and it will seem less daunting. Make sure you have the supplies you need (hey, we know some great non-toxic, plant based cleaners you will love!) and give yourself enough time - maybe break it up over a couple days, even. Take the time to feel good about this investment in your home and yourself!

    Start with clearing out the clutter - say goodbye to those old magazines, broken, outdated, or unused items. It will really help the completed feeling of a deep cleaning to have only things that you love to have in your home when you are done! This can be a challenge for many people, but try to keep working steadily and not get distracted looking through old photos or journals. Make a date with yourself to enjoy perusing those memories in your spic-and-span home after you're all done.

    Then, pick up and put everything away before you start to clean - it is much more efficient to not have to move errant piles around once you've gotten your cleaning groove on. Once you're ready to go, work from top-to-bottom as you move through your house, always leaving the floor for last. Your space and style will vary - maybe you like to dust and wet-wipe the whole place first, then windows, vacuum and mop, or maybe you want to go room-by-room for a sense of completion. Whatever your pattern, keep your thoughts positive and focused on bringing in new, vibrant energy to your space. Think of how much you love your home and how grateful you are to have a safe, secure place to live.

    Maybe when you're done you want to do a little energetic cleaning, to boot! Smudge your house with sage (which was recently found to kill airborne bacteria!) or bless your space with intention and incense or palo santo. Clear out old energies that no longer serve you after you've cleaned out the physical dirt, and you'll feel a great buzz of renewed life in your home.

    It's a great time of year to give yourself the gift of a deeply clean home. Spring is here, dear birds, and the warm is coming. Get yourself and your home ready! We'll be posting more specific Spring Cleaning tips over the next weeks, so do come and visit again!

    All the green blessings!
    With love from,
    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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