• Ho ho ho! We've got some snow!

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home loves how beautiful the world is in winter, too!

    Oh, December, you are so weird. Here in Upstate New York, we've been experiencing some mighty weather swings (like going from highs in the teens to a random forty degree day, plunging down to ten degrees that same night... whoa!) and some snow and rain, and, well, it's been quite the ride! But there is still some snow on the ground, and long johns to wear, and good outdoor times to be had!

    The sun was shining brightly today, the sky an amazing blue, and what better than a great tromp in the woods to counteract the holiday mania? Step away from the stores and special offers for a little while, and get your layers on! See what's going on in the world around you...

    Snow in sunlight does some beautiful things,

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home loves shadows on snow!

    Especially after there has been wind and then the drifts freeze over...

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home loves the texture of drifted snow.

    It's so invigorating to being out in cold weather - feeling the frosty breeze on your face, breathing in the chilly air, walking amidst the stillness as you are bundled warmly. Standing in the woods, branches naked of leaves yet still reaching for the sky, it's easy to feel awe at the amazing rhythm of nature. What a miracle it is to be alive in this world of green magic, where every year leaves burst forth and go through their cycle of growing, changing, falling, and finally, waiting through this season of dormancy.

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home is so in love with the cycle of life, the beauty of the winter sky.

    The cycle lives in us, too, although it's all too easy to forget that in our busy, rushing lives, with all the to-dos and must-haves - especially at this time of year with its added hustle and bustle and pressure for perfection. But we are natural beings, we are a part of this great magic of life, and connecting to that magic, even in little ways, can bring us such peace.

    And after we've been outdoors, connecting, and we've had our fill of chill and cold? Well, that's the time to come back inside to enjoy the warmth of home, and a good hot cup of tea. One of the best ways to combat any lingering effects of cold and wind is with ginger, a warming root that has been used for many purposes for centuries.

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home loves the warming spicy heat of ginger.

    Ginger is great for relieving nausea, aiding digestion and circulation, and most importantly at this time of year, preventing colds and flu and boosting the immune system. I'm including a recipe for the best way I've found to make a ginger tea, super spicy and delicious. (Technically, this recipe is a decoction, but I didn't want to scare anyone off. Decoctions are simply when the herb is boiled in water as opposed to just steeped like a tea bag. Decoctions are great for roots and woody herbs.) Enjoy!

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home presents our recipe for Spicy Ginger Tea!

    Ah, dear birds, whatever your December is bringing you, whatever you do (or don't do) for the holidays, take a moment to enjoy this amazing world of ours. Appreciate that beautiful sunset through the trees. Appreciate the intricate designs of frost. Appreciate the warm blood pulsing through your veins and the cold air on your skin. How incredible it is to be alive!

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home is in awe of the beauty of winter.

    If you are still hunting for gifts, swing by one of our stockists and give a green gift of Tidy Thyme! From all of us at Tidy Thyme, we hope your days are merry, joyous and full of good health!

    the Tidy Thyme Crew

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