Celebrate Fathers' Day (or anything, really) with A Walk in the Woods at 20% Off! Tidy Thyme 100% Plant-Based Home and Cleaning Products is offering the A Walk in the Woods Soy Candle and A Walk in the Woods Room & Linen Spray at 20% off through the month of June.

With Father's Day coming up this month, we thought it would be a great time to start our monthly featured-product discount with a man-fan favorite: A Walk in the Woods!

Take a sniff and be transported to a deep pine forest. Smell the campfire on the breeze. Relax and feel your tense shoulders drop as the rich warmth of the woods surrounds you. Let yourself be lulled by the song of the wind in the trees.

All this, and no artificial fragrance! (And no mosquitoes!) A Walk in the Woods is one of our pure essential oil blends that we craft to bring you healthy benefits in a delectable aromatherapy Room & Linen Spray or a Soy Candle, hand poured with non-GMO soy wax.

Tidy Thyme, maker of 100% Plant-Based products for cleaning and home, is offering A Walk in the Woods at a 20% discount for the month of June, good on both the Room & Linen Spray and the non-GMO Soy Candle. Celebrate the men in your life with this woodsy scent blend of essential oils including scotch pine.

So, to honor the dads, father figures, and other gents in your life, we are offering both A Walk in the Woods products with a 20% discount online through the end of the month. Amazing aromas, plus some smart savings... we think Dad would approve. Use coupon code WOODS17 at checkout.

(And, although A Walk in the Woods can be considered one of our more masculine scents, don't feel like you need to be a gent to love this blend! The coupon code won't discriminate!)

This discount is good through June 30th, so if you gift someone a Soy Candle for Fathers' Day and they love it, you could pick 'em up another one before the month is out... or if you fall in love yourself, we've got you covered, too.

So let's celebrate the men in our lives with A Walk in the Woods!
We'd love to see everyone actually get out and take a walk in the woods together, too... just don't forget to do a tick check afterwards!

'Til next time!
With love from
The Tidy Thyme Crew

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