It’s March, Tidy Thyme Tribe! We’re thisclose to long days and warm nights. Winter’s snowy tundra is melting away and soon those sleeping-bags with sleeves we call parkas will be replaced by flowy maxis. Before we are permitted to close the door on winter, though, we must first celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. This is the only holiday that makes me want to wake up to a dark, frothy Guinness and then visit my local nursery for loads of new plants. Greenery is more popular than ever and incredibly accessible. I could walk out my front door right now and within minutes, find a succulent to purchase. Instagram feeds are lush with botanical displays, tendrils, vines, and petals. Our homes have become jungles and I’m here for it.


At Tidy Thyme, plants are life. Our products are blended from ingredients found in nature, not invented in a beaker. In addition to cleaning our floors, baths, and counters, plants work double-duty to help purify the air in our homes. With the luck of the Irish in mind, we’re taking a short break from dusting to focus on plants that promise to grant prosperity, fortune, and love, while making the air we breathe purer.



The jade plant is just the thing for those seeking a stroke of luck. It’s a succulent known to promote success. Place one in your office or as a sweet addition to any workspace and get ready for your business to flourish. This plant’s superhero power is that it absorbs toluene, which is emitted by cars, gasoline, heating oil, and paint.


Money tree

The name says it all. Money trees have those fantastic braided trunks and in their adolescent years, slightly resemble a miniature palm tree. Introduce one of these darlings to your home and as it grows, so will your luck and prosperity. If you’re still cleaning with synthetic products or work in an office that does, a money tree will help to purify the air polluted by chemicals.   


Peace Lily

This plant is a workhorse! It doesn’t represent luck in the traditional sense. Instead, it symbolizes rebirth of the soul, which we all need on occasion – a sense of peeling off an old layer and starting fresh. As the peace lily facilitates new beginnings, it also detoxes indoor air, filtering out formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, cigarette smoke, and paint fumes. They’re great by a computer, too. This plant is said to absorb electromagnetic radiation. I’ll take three, please.



Four-leaf clovers

Ok, obviously I had to include these little guys. Unless you live under a grassy knoll and have feet good for thumping, a patch of four-leaf clovers may not be growing in your living room. The fourth leaf grows due to a mutation and will bring a finder fortune and luck. Ireland is known to grow more four-leaf clovers than anywhere else in the world and if you pass your special clover on to someone else, your luck will double.     

If you’ve already enlisted the help of plants to keep your space toxin-free, that’s great! Tidy Thyme would love to continue the journey of green-living with you. Everything we make is completely safe and all ingredients are listed on the label, including the Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner, which will keep windows clear so your plant babies can soak in every luscious ray of sunshine. 

Have a wonderful March, dear Tribe!

See you soon,


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