Hi Tidy Thyme Tribe and welcome back! I hope 2018 has delivered a sense of optimism, opportunity, and joy. Last year was tough and in between marches, protests, and nonstop calls to public officials, we found ways to cope: cocktails, Netflix binges, baby-goat yoga, at-home facials, erotic novels… (I can’t be the only one). I’m here to suggest something else. Not just a coping mechanism, but a reward. A prize for emerging from 2017 a better person, for making it through the holidays with a smile, for hunkering down and enduring winter’s fury. Let’s bring back baths. I’m talking long, luxurious soaks in hot water lightly scented with your favorite oils. Rather than watch another episode of The Crown or Fixer Upper, head to the bathroom, light a few candles, and fill the tub.

I know there’s a lot of planning involved with adult bath-time, and you’re on your own as far as scheduling and ensuring those darling children remain occupied/asleep. I can, however, help with the process of getting the tub ready. All soothing thoughts disappear if you’re lying in a grimy, germ-infested pool of dirty water. Let’s get to cleaning so you can get to surrendering yourselves completely to the oasis that is to become your bathtub.

I’m going to assume most of you are working with a shower/tub combo. For those who have a freestanding bathtub, modify the following instructions as needed.

First, remove all products from the shower shelves and edge of tub. We’re cleaning from the top down and it’ll be much easier if you eliminate obstacles. Got pets? Then you likely have fur hanging out along the rim of your tub. Wipe all of it away. Once you have a blank canvas, apply your products. If you clean the tub/shower regularly, Tidy Thyme Multipurpose spray (aka the holy grail of green cleaning), will suffice. Spritz from the top of the shower down to the floor of the tub. Grab a good sponge and some microfibers and get to it (If you are lucky enough to have natural stone finishes you should use our Stone cleaner on those surfaces).

The above instructions are for a very minute population. Most of us have soap scum and various other stains and grime lurking in the tub. This requires more than a spritz and wipe. In addition to a liquid cleaning solution, you’ll want something with a hefty dose of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to really obliterate all things nasty. Enter Tidy Thyme’s Scrub powder.

Moisten all surfaces of the tub and shower walls with water or, for extra power, the multipurpose cleaner. The liquid gives the scrubbing powder something to cling to.

Next, get in there and work out some frustration. Truly, sweet Tribe, few things feel better than rolling up your sleeves and knocking out tub scum.  If you have tiles, a scrubbing brush should be in your arsenal, as well; they’re superb for cleaning grout.

You’ll know when the tub is clean because it will feel smooth and look bright. Turn the shower on and rinse all the nasty away with a satisfied smile. Do not allow any family members to use the tub before you. You deserve this.   

Here’s to 2018,



Photography by: Mel Emedia (and Michelle Boyle)

Photo styling by Forage + Sundry

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