• Tidy Thyme Close-up: Dusting Spray

    We here at Tidy Thyme are so proud of all the great products we've created to make cleaning your home a safe, healthy experience - at the same time delivering the goods when it comes to getting the job done.

    There are so many sneaky ingredients in commercial cleaners (even many of those that claim to be green or natural) that it can be hard to avoid exposure to carcinogens and other health threats when it's time to tidy up.

    All of our products are made with 100% plant based ingredients, refined through years of use and experience. Nothing harmful for you, nothing harmful for your family, nothing harmful for our environment. Plus they really work, and smell great thanks to our pure essential oil blends. Are you starting to see why we're so excited about these products?

    Here's how to get your home gleamingly clean, Tidy Thyme style:

    Grab a clean cloth - we recommend microfiber cloths. They grab dust and germs with every swipe - and can give you points toward LEED certification!

    Shake your bottle of Dusting Spray - our natural plant-based ingredients can settle, so make sure you're powered up.

    Spray your cloth with a couple nice mists. You don't want it too wet.

    Go get that dust! Yeah! Get your dusting groove on! (Soundtrack not included but totally recommended.)

    Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home presents Tidy Thyme Dusting Spray: A How To

    So good, so easy! If you're inspired to get YOUR dusting groove on, click on over to the shop and pick up some Tidy Thyme Dusting Spray today!

    Thanks for taking the time to join us, and stay tuned for more how-to-Tidy Thyme posts!

    The Tidy Thyme Crew

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