All Tidy Thyme products are 100% plant-based and contain pure essential oil fragrance. This means there are no sneaky carcinogens or harmful chemical ingredients. We designed these products to be safe for you, your family, and our world, while still being effective and awesome. They smell great, with no artificial fragrances to compromise your air and your health.

Let’s take a closer look at one of our fan favorites: Gentleman’s Cavern!

Gentleman’s Cavern, as you might have guessed from the name, was designed with the needs of a stuffy man cave in mind. It features a blend that includes cardamom, cedarwood and sandalwood, and is warm, woodsy, and spicy - a little rugged yet refined.

Tidy Thyme Gentleman's Cavern Room & Linen Spray


Gentleman’s Cavern is available as an 8 oz Room & Linen Spray, perfect for a quick spritz of spicy woods, and as a non-GMO Soy Candle. These two products bring this enticing fragrance into any space, be it the man cave of legend, your car, or any room in the house. Breathe it in and feel the relaxing blend of essential oils ground and inspire you.

 (While we created the fragrance with the Gentleman in mind, plenty of Gentlewomen have told us it’s their favorite, too!)

Look for more Tidy Thyme Close-ups in the future as we highlight these healthy fragrances for clean, healthy living.

Thanks for being green!
The Tidy Thyme Crew


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