Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Home and Cleaning found that our Pretty in Pink Room Spray did a good job keeping early mosquitoes away!
It's been glorious in upstate New York the past couple days, perfect for an early evening bird watch on the deck. But ooh, those pesky mosquitoes have already started to buzz around - the downside of the season springing to life.
I was out of my usual bug-be-gone spray, and figure I'd try our Pretty In Pink Room & Linen Spray. It's made using pure geranium essential oil, which I've heard can be effective as an insect repellent.
I spritzed it on my clothes*, and success! I could enjoy the evening in peace, plus I got to inhale the relaxing, stress-relieving aromatherapy of geranium. Wins all around!
* While Tidy Thyme Room & Linen Sprays are made with pure essential oils and only natural, plant based ingredients, be smart with your skin. Even natural ingredients can cause a reaction if you are sensitive to them or have sensitive skin. Definitely not recommended for use on pregnant or breast-feeding mamas.

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