Well, we admit it. Sometimes things get a little crazy in our kitchens. We let sauces burn, we forget about the simmer pot on the stove... hey, life happens! And then you have to deal with the mess afterwards.

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home Products has found that our Scrubbing Powder is an effective ally in the battle against burnt-on pots and pans.

One of the best ways we've found to deal with pots and pans that have gotten a little neglected is to bust out our favorite product for showers and sinks - Tidy Thyme Scrubbing Powder!

This great, powerful scrub is a super ally in handling the funky gunk you want off the bottom of your pots. Just sprinkle some in, grab a damp sponge (a scrubby sponge is even better!) and bust out the elbow grease!

Even though our Scrubbing Powder, like all our products, is made from 100% plant based ingredients, that doesn't stop it from being a tough grease-and-grime fighting cookie! So next time you've let that simmer pot simmer for just a little too long and the fragrance has changed to eau-de-burnt, just remember that your shower-scrubbing-buddy can be your pot's new best friend.

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