Earlier this season, we wrote a post about the history and ritual of spring cleaning, in which we promised some tips for your spring cleaning.

So let's tackle the deep clean of your kitchen!

Tidy Thyme Plant Based Natural Cleaning and Home Products - Scrubbing Powder

Take a look around your space first, and assess your situation - do you have any specialty surfaces like stainless steel or granite?

Take note of what you'll need for your cleaning-

  • Materials: clean "rags" are a must (microfiber cloths are great, and maybe a terry towel or two to dry out the sink), a sponge or scrubby sponge. Vacuum or broom & dustpan, mop. A stepladder can be helpful to really get the tops of tall cabinets.
  • Products: a multipurpose cleaner, and maybe stainless steel cleaner? Or natural stone cleaner? Scrubbing powder? It all depends on the state of your kitchen.

Make sure you are using products that are compatible with your counters and surfaces, and of course we suggest using products that will not put your health at risk with carcinogenic chemicals. All our products are safe and natural, made with 100% plant based ingredients! (Michelle created Tidy Thyme for an effective, chemical-free alternative with no synthetic fragrances.)

Having gathered your supplies, clear off your surfaces before you start to clean. It makes it much easier when you don't have to pick things up and shuffle them around once you've started to get your groove on. (Speaking of groove, maybe get some of your favorite tunes going to power you up!)

Now that your space is free of extra clutter, start at the top! General cleaning procedures have you working from top to bottom. So let's do that by starting with the ceiling, light fixtures and any upper cabinets.

Spritz a little product (like Tidy Thyme Dusting Spray) on a clean microfiber cloth, and wipe down your cabinets, making sure to swipe dust from the top and any horizontal surfaces of molding or cutouts. Pay special attention to the area around knobs or handles as they can be extra grimy. If you have stubborn spots, maybe wet a corner of your rag a bit more and use that for detail work. If you have open top cabinets and feel up for a challenge, vacuum or dust out the cabinet tops!

Light fixtures in the kitchen can get particularly funky because of cooking grease in the air, so make sure you give them some love using an appropriate cleaning solution for the surface (often a multipurpose will work) on a clean rag to get them shining. Don't be afraid to use your fingernail to get the rag into crevices or detailed areas. If you have recessed lights in the kitchen, take a look up at them, too, as you might have some cobwebs up there.

On that note, check your walls and ceiling, too! There may be cobwebs or dust that could use a swipe. A vacuum wand could be useful here, or a rag on a pole/mophead.

Most of your appliances can probably just get a nice easy wipe down, like the fridge and dishwasher. Use a multipurpose or stainless steel cleaner as appropriate, and clean off any smudges or water drips - always going with the grain if you have stainless steel!

The microwave can get wiped down inside and out. (If your microwave is really dirty inside, you can microwave a bowl of water for a few minutes to steam the gunk, making it an easy wipe!)

Again, pay attention around handles as they are often a little dirtier than the rest of an appliance. Buffing the surfaces dry will help ensure no streaks remain.

Then, tackle the stove -  it might be already pretty clean, or it might be a greasy mess. Start with the exhaust hood, a potential greasy dust fest. Depending on the state of the hood, you might be able to just dust it off with a slightly dampened cloth, or you might need to degrease it first with a little dishsoap on a sponge and *then* finish with a cloth.

For the stove itself, remove the grates and place them on a cloth on the counter or in the sink. Then wipe any 3D bits off the stove with a damp sponge. Spray with a multipurpose cleaner, then use the sponge (rinsed of any debris) to tackle any grease or burned on bits.

If your stove is on the neglected side, you might want to use some scrubbing powder or even a bit of dishsoap if it is very greasy. You might need the scouring side of a sponge. (Note: scouring pads may scratch stainless steel! Be careful and always go with the grain!)

Once you've gotten all the grease off, buff the stove top dry with a clean cloth - a spritz of our glass & stainless cleaner helps it shine right up. Wipe down the knobs and the front of the oven. If you have a gas stove, make sure everything is in the Off position! The grates can be wiped off and put back into position.

Next, do any general dusting - top edges of outlets or windowsills, for example, and then clean the counters (check our previous posts here and here), wiping off any crumbs with a damp sponge first and then using your product of choice, again buffing dry with a clean cloth. Don't forget the backsplash! The lower cabinets get the same treatment as the upper cabinets - there may be a surprising amount of dust below the doors.

The sink will do wonderfully with a nice scrubbing powder - scrub the sides and bottom, making sure to clean the strainer and drain. Rinse it out and dry with a terry cloth. Shine up the hardware when you're done with a microfiber and glass cleaner. If you have a window over the sink, give it a spritz with glass cleaner and dry it off with a clean cloth.

A good vacuuming and mopping will round out the cleaning. Whew! You've done it! Now look how beautiful your kitchen is, and feel proud of this wonderfully clean space you've created. Great job.

We'll be posting more spring cleaning tips in the future, so check back. You can click on the Spring Cleaning tag below and they'll all be there.

Hopefully this helps you give your kitchen the best deep clean yet!
Best wishes for a happy, healthy clean.

With love from,
The Tidy Thyme Crew


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