Well, hey there! Welcome to another week of Tidy Thyme Tips!

Tidy Thyme Plant Based Home and Natural Cleaning Products presents our Yoga Mat Cleaner, which does double duty at the gym, wiping down benches and machines safely and effectively, without any harsh chemicals.

This week we have a really simple but awesome tip for you involving our great Yoga Mat Cleaner.

Sweat on the bench of the Chest Flye machine? Handles on the elliptical need some wipe down love? We've got you covered.

Despite the name, Tidy Thyme Yoga Mat Cleaner is a gym goer's best friend as well! Safe for use on natural rubber, this witch hazel and essential oil-containing blend is the perfect way to wipe down machines and equipment in the gym. Spray a little on the towel you are wiping with, and clean off benches, handles, and other equipment. Safely cleans and disinfects, without any unknown or dubious ingredients to put your health at risk. 

After all, the gym is for getting healthy, right?

Tidy Thyme 100% Plant Based Cleaning and Home Products makes a Yoga Mat Cleaner that is perfect at the gym! Wipe down and sanitize machines and benches, safely and effectively with this purely natural, plant powered formula.

Tidy Thyme Yoga Mat Cleaner: it's not just for the mat. I mean, it works fabulously on mats, too, don't get us wrong. But don't limit yourself! You can bring your plant-based clean everywhere you work out!

Cheers to a healthy body!



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