Despite the very rainy spring, Tidy Thyme, maker of 100% Plant-based Products for Cleaning and Home, is still delighted to see how beautiful nature looks when bejeweled with raindrops.
For our Meditation Mondays, we often will just link to a pic from our last nature/gardening post, and add a nice thought for the moment...
But we wrote this last post when it was glorious out, and, well, we didn't want you to think we were having you on. We know. It's still chilly and rainy, and it's JUNE! But do try, dear birds, to let go of your expectations and find the beauty in the now. The beauty is there if we open our minds and hearts to it.
The post DOES have its merit, even if it does seem like it was written in another world... click over for a nice read and remind yourself of the thrilling warm days that will soon arrive again. (And perhaps some uplifting aromatherapy is in order to help boost your mood? Good Day Sunshine is great for a lift.)
Meanwhile, deep breaths and open hearts, minds, and eyes will ground you in the infinite miracle of now.
Peace and acceptance, from our hearts to yours.
With love from
The Tidy Thyme Crew

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