Some days there isn't enough Sage or Palo Santo to cut through the heaviness in our space. We've all experienced those days, where we feel beyond stressed and overwhelmed, where it seems like every possible thing that could --- is going wrong. When we are overcome with this sense of negative pressure. we fill our homes and workspaces with that energy. We become unable to materialize what it is we truly want and instead become magnates for these dispiriting experiences.
When you don't have the time for an entire space cleansing or the full body massage you may really need,
here is a quick and effective meditative practice using the aid of sound, to put the breaks on this negative forward momentum and reset your energy for a more positive course. 
We use a Tibetan bell for this practice because it's what have, you can use any pleasantly tuned bell, chime, gong, or singing bowl you have.
1. Start by opening your windows even if it's just a crack.
2. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and exhale long and slow, fully emptying your lungs and releasing all that does not serve you.
3. Pick-up a bell strike it once and pause allowing the vibrations to resonate and penetrate the heavy stagnant energies around you and within you. Repeat this a few times.
4. Set an intention for how you want to feel for the rest of the day.
We all learned in grade school that everything is made up of molecules that are in constant motion or vibration. This practice with the use of sound has such an effective way of cutting through the stuck and heavy energies and resetting the vibration of those molecules within our spaces and our bodies.
We hope this practice helps bring some peace into your experience. 

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