Tidy Thyme Plant Based Natural Cleaning and Home presents The Practice of Intentional Cleaning, a workshop. Sunday May 7 at The Collective at M & D in Westerlo, NY.

Maybe you read our piece on the history and ritual of spring cleaning, and wanted to know more about how you can bless your home with the power of intention. You are so in luck!

Here's what Michelle has to say:

Just finished up a Spring Cleaning ritual on my own home. I cleaned EVERY nook and cranny, scrubbed the shower, the toilet and swept away the physical and energetic muck. I opened up the windows and welcomed in fresh new beginnings and expelled the heavy stagnant energy of winter. Every corner and entry way has been smudged and blessed and the perimeter and entrances to our tiny little house have been sealed with protective spells, salt and lots of love! The sun is still pouring in after 5PM and I feel so refreshed. Looking forward to sharing this Practice for Intentional Cleaning with you all @thecollectiveatmnd on Sunday May 7th. You can click the link below to sign up for this fun and interactive workshop.


Tidy Thyme Plant Based Cleaning and Home is presenting a workshop on the Practice of Intentional Cleaning on Sunday May 7 at The Collective at M & D in beautiful Westerlo, NY


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