Hi Thyme-ers and welcome to Tidy Tip Tuesday! I hope you're all loving September and have emerged from summer rested, bronzed, and ready to say “arrivederci” to sweltering temps. It’s time to make way for apple crisp, pumpkin spice everything, foliage hikes, and more apple crisp. Before all the deliciousness and fall fun, though, we need to do some tidying.

I know cleaning can be overwhelming and often the last thing we want to think about. I can’t even count how many times I’ve approached the task and somehow wound up snuggled in bed, searching for The Bachelor “celebrities” on Instagram just to avoid scrubbing the bathtub. Some of you are cleaning machines and charge ahead with gumption. You’re my idols. For those who tiptoe around chores (raises hand), I promise if you start with a small goal, the bigger projects will be so much easier to complete.

To help myself overcome the urge to procrastinate, I came up with a great place to start that’s super easy and always inspires me to keep going.  

Part 1: A great smelling home is really important to me. Even when my laundry is all over the bedroom or I have magazines strewn through the apartment (I’m a mag junkie), if my place smells nice, the mess seems less noticeable. With a dog, two cats, and a boyfriend, ensuring the apartment is delicious to the olfactory organs can be a challenge. During summer and fall, I absolutely always make sure there’s fresh air moving through our place. A breeze floating through open windows makes life better.

Part 2: Once I’ve got some air flow, I look to the window sills. Mine are painted white and after a summer of cats lounging on them, plants dropping soil, and the general dirt and dust coming in from outside, they need some attention. This step is a two-birds-with-one-stone kind of thing: Wash the sills with Tidy Thyme Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

I did this last week and couldn’t believe how much brighter each room looked after wiping away the sill grime. Advantage number two is the gorgeous scent. After cleaning my sills, I’m left with aromatherapy from lavender, lemon, and thyme. Keep those windows open and Mother Nature will make sure the scent floats through your home. Need a little extra dose of yummy smells? Pump a few squirts of Room and Linen Spray on your window treatments (and inside your significant other's stinky shoes).

Every single Tidy Thyme product is made with your health and well-being in mind. You and your family can always breathe easy knowing our 100% plant-based ingredients never contain toxins. How do you make sure your home smells fresh? We’d love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by!

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