pure plant power!!

At age 20, founder Michelle Boyle had already been running a small cleaning service for nearly 10 years, using nothing but harsh, toxic chemicals. After reflecting on the loss of her best friend and Nanny to breast cancer and meeting her chemically sensitive husband, she began to educate herself and reevaluate the products she was using. Through this process she found that even many of the popular "green" alternatives still contain hidden chemicals and and even known carcinogens. So in 2008 she began making and using her own creations in her professional cleaning service (Green Genies-Albany, NY) and has been using them daily since.

Michelle and the Tidy Thyme family believe that the home should be treated as a sacred sanctuary, a respite from a world filled with toxic chemicals and toxic energy-- thus we are very pleased to share these pure plant-powered products for intentional living with you!