soy candles

Candles have been used in sacred rituals and prayer since ancient times. Use your Tidy Thyme candle to treat yourself to daily rituals of self-love, or as a powerful tool in manifesting your intentions during practices of meditation, yoga or magic.

Tidy Thyme candles are made with pure essential oils, wax from domestically-grown soy, natural cotton wicks, free of synthetic fragrances or toxic additives, and are hand-poured, in small batches with lots of love.



autumn breeze soy candle
Crunching through the woods on a crisp fall day, following the sweet, warm smell of autumn spices bubbling over in the oven.  This seasonal blend is only available for a limited time. 100% Plant-Based Ingredients: Made with essential oils of Rosewood, Cedarwood,...
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gentleman's cavern soy candle
This sensual, grounding blend of rich, woodsy essential oils and a hint of exotic spice will enhance the deliciousness of the here and now.  100% plant-based ingredients:Made with certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils of: cardamom, cedar-wood, fir needle, patchouli and rosewood 100%...
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om sweet om soy candle
Whether you're practicing yoga or practicing law, Om Sweet Om will turn your space into a sanctuary. This essential oil blend entices you to relax while its bright yet earthy notes encourage stress and anxiety to melt away. Breathe in the...
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signature: lavender, lemon, thyme soy candle
  Our signature essential oil blend is simple, clean and the epitome of fresh. Allow the bright aroma of lavender, lemon and thyme essential oils to soothe your soul and lift your spirits. 100% Plant-Based Ingredients:Made with pure therapeutic essential oils of:...
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