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Plant-Based Solutions For Intentional Living
Tidy Thyme is a 100% plant-powered cleaning and home fragrance line.
Hand-crafted in small-batches in our cozy Upstate NY studio.

Our Story

At age 12, founder Michelle Boyle lost her best friend and Nanny to breast cancer. This was a devastating blow that opened her eyes to the fragility of life and the sacredness of our bodies. She recalls at that young age, wrapping each of her mother's cigarettes with lists of their toxic ingredients and effects. She began eliminating her favorite cola beverages from her own diet, eating more consciously, and avoiding the use of basic pharmaceuticals when not absolutely necessary, all in an effort to live a healthier life. 

Still, at age 20, founder Michelle Boyle had already been running her own small cleaning service for nearly 10 years, using traditional chlorine sprays, synthetic pine-lemon scented solutions and blue dye number who-knows-what. These were the products she had used since childhood, and she truly didn't feel that a space was clean unless there was the lingering sent of bleach.

What she didn't give concern to were her persistent dizzy spells, migraines, sinus infections and bronchitis...

That was before she met her chemically sensitive husband, Mark, who pushed her further down the rabbit hole of self-education and awareness. Then all the dots connected.

Through her journey, Michelle found that even many of the popular "green" alternatives still contain hidden chemicals and even known carcinogens. So, in 2008, she began making and using her own creations in her professional cleaning service (Green Genies—Albany, NY). After 6 years of experimenting and using these solutions daily, she gave into the urgings from her husband and launched the Tidy Thyme line to the public in 2014.  

Michelle believes that wellness is found in the realization that everything is interconnected, and that clean is not simply the lack of "germs" but also the absence of toxic chemicals and toxic energy. The practice of cleaning the home with pure plant-based ingredients and focused intention effects our entire wellbeing and honors our bodies and our homes as the sacred vessels that they are.