Tidy Thyme Plant Based Home and Cleaning offers Refill Stations to minimize our packaging footprint!

 Find Tidy Thyme Plant Based Cleaning and Home Products at Forage + Sundry in Troy, NY - now offering Refill Stations for our Multi Purpose Cleaner and Scrubbing Powder!

We are so excited to partner with Forage + Sundry in Troy, NY to offer refill stations, where you can bring your empty bottles and jars of some of our best-selling products and simply refill them, saving you money and reducing packaging waste at the same time! We currently have refill stations available for our Multi-Purpose Cleaner  and our Scrubbing Powder.
 Refills save you $2 off the product price.
We love to encourage "Reduce" and "Reuse" before "Recycle."
We're glad you do, too!